PSL Theme Song 2020 – Official PSL Anthem 2020 “Tayyar Hain”

PSL 2020 Theme song

PSL Theme Song has always been launched before the PSL event just because to thrill the Audience and As we all know the PSL 2019 Theme song sung by Ali Zaffar was the famous song and most listened theme song in 2020.

The PSL 2020 official anthem of the Pakistan Super League 5 song 2020 called “Tayyar Hain” released on all the main television channels,YouTube and also on our website.

Now the main Question arises here is who sing HBL PSL 5 Theme song?

The PSL song singers are Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, and Haroon Rashid all are the most famous celebrities and singers of Pakistan.

According to a press release The HBL PSL 5 theme song tune, has produced by well-known musician Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan. Kamal Khan of Laal Kabootar fame directed the video of PSL 5 Anthem.

In the history of Pakistan this was first time happens that the PSL stage is designed in Pakistan before this PSL 5 all the events were happened in UAE but for now the full PSL event was happening in Pakistan in four main Cities which includes Karachi,Lahore,Multan and Rawalpindi You can also check the PSL 2020 Schedule Here.

First time most of the bloggers and YouTubers take interests in doing this event and gave all the updates related to PSL on there websites and YouTube channels. The cricket lovers are taking much interest in this event and almost all the tickets for first 10 matches have been sold totally on high demands.

So The Live stream and live score updated of PSL 2020 Live score is on every Television screen as well as on Blogs and you can also get Pakistan Super League 2020 Live Score & Updates on our website

Download PSL 2020 Theme Song Mp4

The PSL theme song 2020 have released 28th January 2020 on Tuesday.You can Listen the song on YouTube as well as on our website which is given below.You can also download the PSL 2020 Theme song on the end of the article.

Download PSL Anthem 2020 Mp4

PSL Theme Song 2020 Lyrics

Tayyar hai Tayyar hai
Hum phir say josh dekhne ko
Utare hai hum
Medan mai phr say hosh jaagne ko
(jaagne ko)
Ab rang jamay
Is khel mai
Per dil ka dil say mile ky
Ab dooriyan mitt janni hai
Ab khushiyon ko barth janne do
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar hai
Tayyar hai
Tayyar hai
Har team kay
Har fan ko
Bas jeet kay dil janna hai
Jtna bhi kar lay haad ko paar
Is ball ko pich per anna hai
Jo dharkaun ka saaz hai
Is jeet ka woh raaz hai
Jab jeena hai
Umeedon ko
Ataa hai jo bhi anne do
Ataa hai jo bhi anne do
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar Ho
Tayyar hai
Tayyar hai
Tayyar hai
Are phir say josh dekhne ko
phir say josh jaagne ko
Tayyar hai, tayyar hai
Tayyar hai, tayyar hai
Jab dharke sab dil sath sath
Phir jeet ho chahe maahat ho maahat
Kabhi din khely, kbhi raat raat
Na rang wang, na zaat paat
Aur khel agar aa gya match
Tu sab bacho ki aik baat
Tayyar hai
Tayyar hai
Tayyar hai
Tayyar ho
Tayyar hai
So here is the Complete PSL Anthem 2020 Lyrics

Download The PSL Anthem 2020 Mp3

PSL Anthem 2020

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